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Diamond Dotted Insulation Paper For Distribution Transformer

DDP is produced by coating modified epoxy-resin in diamond-dotted patterns on electrical insulating paper.

Electrical Insulation Transformer Pressboard Paper Sheet

Pressboard is made of 100% imported unbleached sulphate wood pulp

Oil Electrical Transformer Insulation Kraft Paper

Insulating presspaper is manufactured from 100% wood pulp in accordance with international standards

Oil Transformer Insulation Crepe Paper Tubes

Crepe paper tube is made with electrical grade crepe paper

Epoxy Resin Prepreg DMD Transformer Insulation Paper

Epoxy-resin Prepreg DMD is a three-layer flexible material, F-class adhesive to adhere the two faces of high-melt-point polyester film (Mylar) with hot rolling non-woven polyester fabric (Dacron), then impregnating into heat-resistant epoxy resin, and then cured to B-stage. DMD-P is for short

AMA Aramid Paper Faced Winding Insulation Material

AMA Kraft Paper Faced Insulation is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by using F-class adhesive to adhere the polyester film (Mylar) with hot rolling Aramid paper (A) on both sides.

Composite Polyester Film MM/MMM Insulation Used in Transformer

MM/MMM is a two-layer or three-layer composite polyester film (Mylar), produced by using adhesive to adhere 2 or 3 layer polyester film (Mylar) together

AKA Kapton Electrical Insulation Paper

AKA Flexible Laminate is a three-layer flexible composite material, produced by using H-class or C class adhesive to adhere the polyimide film (Kapton) with hot rolling Aramid paper (A).


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Insulation Materials by Application

Oil Immersed Transformers Insulation
Dry Type Transformers Insulation
Generator/motor Winding Insulation

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17 Years Production Factory
All Electrical insulation material are approved by UL- OBJS2.E353580, REACH, MSDS, SGS.
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All necessary material for liquid/cast resin transformer, Motors. The thermal class covers: A, B, F, H, N.

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